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The Royal Ball Event

Hey Guys! As everyone knows, there’s a new event on Fantage. It starts from April 25-May 1st. Dress your best and go on scavenger hunts for awesome prizes. Also, make your very own crown but you can’t actually wear it on Fantage.

Limited Items


Check out new limited items but there is nothing for nons 😦

Design Your Crown


Click there to start.


Design your crown with the gems of your choice and print it out.

Scavenger Hunt

Visit the Royal Seamstress in Uptown to start.



Below you are to look for those 3 items around Fantage but it’s different for everyone.

Where to look for the materials

Since it’s different for everyone, here is a list of places where they would be.

– Fantage School 




-Castle Bridge




-Wizard’s Domain

-Creature Arena


Throne Room

Here’s what you can get in the throne room


Click the Fairy Godmother to get theses Boards.


Click the closet to wear this ,but you can’t keep it.


Here’s Picture of me wearing most of the latest limited items.


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  1. SnivyS211 said:

    btw im using my bros computer soo dont get me confused im very sorry bout me not being on i broke my leg because i went biking i fell off my bike and then it fell on me 😦

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