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Earth Day

Hey Guys!  As everyone knows, April 22nd was Earth day. I was surprised though that Fantage didn’t do a Earth day Event.Oh well, Here are some ways you can conserve the planet.

10 Ways to save the Planet

1.Save electricity by using less light

2.Buy organic food or other organic stuff

3.Plant a tree

4.Don’t waste water


6.Reuse, Reduce,Recycle

7.Start a garden

8.Use cold water instead of hot

9.Put Less in the Garbage

10.Spread the word by telling other people to help the earth

That’s all for now guys.Bye and Happy Earth Day :D!



Comments on: "Earth Day" (5)

  1. I was surprised to when Fantage didn’t do an Earth Day Event!
    Obviously They Think Romance Is More Important Then The Planet We Live On!

    • happy4423 said:

      LOL ikr

      • polleeawesome said:

        Yeah, I was too. I was actually pretty upset because our earth is losing quantities of natural resources. We want our earth to stay for a while and fantage should have called notice to that.

  2. SnivyS211 said:

    i was rlly shocked bout that too I mean really uhh without the earth fantage wouldn’t be there (obviously) and I mean the romance was ehhh…. sorta important ,but the world means more!!!

    • polleeawesome said:

      yeah! plus, we ALREADY had valentines day! why couldnt they do THIS then instead of NOW?

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