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Michelle’s Date Night

Hey Guys! Happy here! There’s a new event on Fantage!  So pretty much, the event is Michelle going a date with some new guy named Zack. We have to serve them on dates and find clothing around Fantage to buy them.


Buy theses limited items.  I only bought two things :/


Over here, Michelle will rate you on how good you look.


Here are some of the prizes you will get during the rating. Wear the new limited items for a higher chance of winning

How to find the clothes

If you are looking for the clothes, try looking everywhere. It’s different every time but I wouldn’t want to look for the clothes because there are going to sell all of them on the 17th.Here are some of the clothes I found.  Look around for the medal all over fantage. I found mine at the creature arena.


How to play the games


Click there to buy some of the costumes in order to serve Zack and Michelle on their date. If you don’t know where they are, just go to the cruise ship and go up the stairs.


Wear your costume and play the game.They eat a lot of food.It gave me trouble at first.First,  You have to help serve Zack and Michelle and wear your costumes you bought.Pick up their dinner on the counter where it says Menu.You only have 60 seconds.Serve them 8 times to get the medal.

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