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☼ Fantage Leveling Up: The Member’s Edition ☼

Hey guys! Pollee here! Today I am going to show you some ways to level up, for members. I will make a non-member page soon.

1. Play fashion shows! I know it sounds easy, but if you host or win, you will level up and even if you lose you will earn free stars.

2. Earn medals. They will level up, which causes YOU to level up.

3. Go to the German server and earn all the medals in the hall of fame. You will usually be the only member there, so you will get them right away.

4. Earn pets. Every time you hatch a new one, your pet hatching medal will level up, causing you to gain another level. Walk them and play games with them for more medals and levels.

5. Play games. They will level up your game medals, earn you stars and they are just plain fun!

6. Unlock rare items. They will level up your rare items medal. To earn gems, play games in the forest, or buy them with eCoins. Click here to go to the Orion’s rare finds page

7. Give people stickers and have people give stickers to you. This is a new (ish) strategy. Getting more stickers will give you a higher level on your sticker medals which will level you up.

8. Play the daily challenge every day. Do I really need to explain this one?

9. Go to the pet shop every day and click the man. He will register your attendance, which will earn you a medal. Make sure to register everyday!

Soon you will be in the hall of fame! Have any other ideas? Want to ask a question? Just comment, or find me on Xat. I will be happy to help!


Comments on: "☼ Fantage Leveling Up: The Member’s Edition ☼" (17)

  1. SnivyS211 said:

    ty sooo much this helped lotz!! :0 🙂

  2. princessjillana said:

    this was very helpful! i always have trouble leveling up!

  3. Yay! You really helped, These are some awesome tips! ❤ ouo THANKSSSS!

  4. Shine-Bright said:

    I have something to add to this page, this is for Premium Members AND Non-Members! Go to Pet Town, go inside of Pet Academy, click on the man in the window, you will be on the “attendance” list. Do this every day, and you’ll get a medal sooner or later. But make sure you do it every single day!

  5. If you play starblaze you will level up. But you have to play it ALOT. I know, that’s how I got to level 90. AND IMA NON!

  6. Anjoo😝 said:

    Here’s another tip: Do all you can to earn event medals, seeing as all your medals count towards your level- so try to earn as many as possible xD

  7. fantageluv said:

    thx for the help

  8. pups215 said:

    If you play the new fashion show at the beach, you get (a) level(s) after playing. I have a 281 medal (currently) AND IM A NON!!!!

    • pups215 said:

      oh and also, try to get a the pets! play wild branies and wild slinger +2 for wins faster! And always remember to pick up pet treats! 🙂 I hope I helped! 😉

  9. i can barely level up i am level 770 and i have all pets and maxed out most medals

  10. its not the pet shop it the pet academy you need to go to get ur attendance…

    • polleeawesome said:

      thank you… i may or may not change that, because it makes not much difference. people can figure that out… but i might change it…
      lazy pollee

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