This is a blog full of Great Cheats and Random Stuff!

❀ Rules ❀

Member Rules

  1. No Advertising. For example, Go to fantageville!!!
  2. No Cussing.
  3. No Spamming. For example,gjksfdsfjhbuggfhdg.
  4. No giving out personal information. For example, here’s my phone number…
  5. Don’t argue with the moderators and owners. For example, “Your a terrible owner or mod”.

Moderator Rules


  • Advertising to a chat or fantage blog. 1 kick
  • Keep on spamming the link, ban 10 hours.
  • Advertising in PC 1 kick
  • Advertised again ban for 6 hours


  • Inappropriate words 1 kick
  • Keeps doing the inappropriate word thing ban 6 hours
  • Cussing 1 kick
  • Keeps on cussing ban for 6 hours


  • Spamming for first time 1 warning
  • Spamming again 1 kick
  • Ignore’s kick, ban 6 hours

No giving out personal information:

  • Giving personal information out~ 1 kick
  • Asking for personal info~1 kick
  • Continuously doing so ban for 6 hours

Don’t argue with moderators or owners:

  • Telling them what to do ~ 1 warning
  • Cussing them out~ 1 kick
  •  Keeps annoying you ban for as long as you want.




*Comments will appear when Happy or Pollee approves

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