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Hey everyone! Shine here.  Happy and I have just made a Stories Page! This is where Pollee, Happy, and Shine will be writing stories! Hope you like them!

Story #1: By Shine

The Story of Devil and Angel
This is the story of a beautiful, wonderful Angel and an evil, vicious, ruthless Devil.
Although, they weren’t always Angels and Devils. They used to be mortals. Simple mortals with no power. Here is the story of how it all began. Starting from their early years.This is Aiko. She is a beautiful, friendly, loving, girl who has the cutest crush on a boy named Akihiro. With beautiful golden-brown hair, she has the cutest smile along with her soft, blue and elegant eyes.


This is Akihiro. He has a dark brown, and short haircut with a beautiful smile that could brighten anyone’s day. And though he has gray eyes, you can look deep inside of them, and see kindness. He is a scholar who has a meaningful, lovely crush on Aiko. Aiko and Akihiro don’t know that they will soon be together. And their love for each other shall burn forever, and never stop.


This is Kuro. She has burning, furious red eyes, and yet, has a smile on her face. Kuro may seem like a beautiful, fun-loving, girl, but you’re wrong. She feels anger, death, and deep inside of her, evil. Why is she like this? Continue the story to find out. She has a menacing crush with a boy named Kurai.


This is Kurai. He has a dark gray hair color with a black bandana around it. Like Kuro, he has red eyes that glow like a lantern. He has a desperate, yet burning love for Kuro. They love each other, and they both know it.


Kurai even said “Hajimete ata tokikara sukidata” to Kuro. And Kuro replied with “Kokoro no sokokara aishiteru.” Kurai and Kuro grew up together in their teenage years. They had a burning love that could make anyone burst out with a smile. They even created a diabolical plan to become devils. While Aiko and Akihiro wanted to become angels together.

And when they grew up, they did. And they were beautiful couples. But, soon… Kurai met another girl, more beautiful, evil, and menacing than Kuro. Kuro found out that Kurai was cheating on her, and grew furious. She struck Kurai with a bang. And grew angrier, and angrier, until she wanted to kill anyone who looked like Kurai. During that time, Aiko and Akihiro were holding hands, going on dates, giving each other anniversary gifts, love-stuff. And once Kuro grew so angry that she would tear down a wall any time she thought of Kurai, she went to Aiko and Akihiro. Kuro struck them both, leaving them to die. And yet, they didn’t. For they became immortal. From being nice, lovely, caring. Aiko and Akihiro didn’t even tip over. Kuro got a surprise look on her face. She was shocked. For the first time in her life, she was shocked! She ran back to the UnderWorld, never to return.

Thank you everyone so much for the support you have given me to finish this story. I couldn’t have finished it without you. Thank you.


Story #2: By Shine


Being sad; a thing almost everyone hates. But, depression. Who has expierenced that? I have. It’s… a very sad thing to be in. It can last for minutes, days, weeks, months, even years. I have depression, and for me, it usually lasts for about 3-5 days, or one week. And believe me, it’s not fun, and it’s not a joke. This whole thing is a non-fiction story about myself.

My depression is caused by my expierences. One is… Well, I’ve moved away from many schools and areas. Every place I’ve had a huge crush on someone. And leaving them… Hurts me. It hurts me deep down in my heart. And it’s hard to get over it. Luckily, I got over it kind of quickly the last time it happened. But soon, if this has happened to you, it probably has happened again, right? Same with me. I’m going to be moving away, again, and leaving my true love. My crushes before weren’t as meaningful as this one I have right now. And think about how sad you might be if this happened to you? It’s a terrible, terrible time for me right now. And it continues.

Another way my depression starts is when I feel ashamed of myself. Such as when I’m told to find something in a specific place, and it takes me so long to find it, and when I do find it, it’s right in front of my face. Which… I guess, makes me feel like a total retard. And, I get sad and ashamed of myself. I usually take the thing I was supposed to find, give it to the person who asked me, and walk to my room, and sulk. Then I think about my life, my mistakes, my trouble, and make it worse than it is. That is my depression. And how it starts.

I wrote this to tell everyone who reads this a little more about myself. This is meant to show readers, viewers, etc. about soft-depession. This is NOT I repeat, NOT full-depression like suicide-depression. This is NOT what happens to those people in commercials. Their depression is more terrible than this, do NOT think this is really full-on depression.


Story #3 by: Shine

The Love Story of Kurai and Kuro

You know about Kurai and Kuro in the previous story I’ve made. But how did their love seem to start? Welcome to the story of how they came to be. About how they just were drawn together like a song and a melody, the stars and the moon, a book and a cover, electricity and wires. How, how, how? Begin the story.
It all began with Kuro, a young girl dreaming of a land that she could rule. And Kurai, a young man who dreamt of a land of virtue and wonder. For his version, that’s him and a Queen, ruling everyone. Citys, States, Nations, Earth. Kuro and Kurai met each other at a DayCare.
Kuro reached for a toy that looked like her, and Kurai reached for the same one. Their hands felt one another, and they felt each other’s warm, loving touch. They looked at each other. Kuro blushed, and took her hand off of the toy. She walked away, like nothing happened. And yet, wanted to go back to talk to Kurai. But she didn’t. Instead, she found another toy to play with. Kuro and Kurai didn’t see each other until 4th grade.
It was the first day of school in 4th grade. Kurai, becoming interested in girls all of a sudden, saw Kuro, more beautiful than ever. He walked up to her, smiled, and said “Have I met you before? I just, think I have.” while Kuro replied “Actually, yes! I could never forget you. How could I forget my good friend from that DayCare?” Kurai blushed and said “Yeah, that’s right. You know, you look different from the last time I saw you.” Then he looked surprised and said quickly “In a good way, I mean.” He got a small and embarrassed smile on his face while Kuro got a warming look in her eyes and a soft grin. From that time, they spent a lot of time together. And since they did, things started to go wrong.
By the time Kurai and Kuro were in 5th grade, people started making fun of them. When Kuro was being followed by some guys when she was walking home, Kurai came by and made the guys go away. And what do you think happened? Before they left, the boys said “Oh, look, buddy-boy Kurai is here to save his GIRLFRIEND! Ha-ha-ha!” Kuro blushed, and look embarrassed, but let the whole situation go. But, more and more people started to pick on Kuro and Kurai. And Kuro decided they should go somewhere on a week-end, to be alone. And they did.
Kurai took Kuro to a pizza place called “Pizza Grows on You” and they enjoyed a nice, warm, and especially gooey pizza. But sadly, Kuro had to go home, since it was past her cerfew. And she hugged Kurai, and then, for the first time, they kissed.


Story #4 By Shine

The story of Nyan cat and Tac Nayn
It all starts with Nyan Cat. A former cat just like any other one. Nyan Cat was actually first named Niroshi Caroma. He had a sister named Tamoya Caroma. They were both owned by a little girl named Mula Caroma. Niroshi and Tamoya got along quite well. But one day…something happened.
It was a lovely morning and the birds were singing and the trees were swaying in the light breeze. Niroshi and Tamoya were playing with some yarn and Mula was recording it with her camera. Niroshi threw the ball of yarn and it went all across Mula’s room. Mula was very excited and said “Wow, Niroshi! That was the best throw I’ve ever seen from you!” Tamoya burned with envy and felt jealous. Taymoya tried to do the same thing, but failed. “Well…you’ll get better, Tamoya…” Mula told her. From then on, Niroshi and Tamoya became…enemies.
Niroshi was walking to a different town and followed a dirt path when there came a fork in the road. He decided to go left. The dirt path turned into a gravel path. He came across an area filled with Poptarts. There were also large rainbows flowing across the clear, blue sky. Niroshi tripped, and fell in a hole filled with grey cats with Poptarts instead of a normal cats body. They smiled at him. Niroshi was confused, and scared. The Poptart cats called themselves “Nyan Cat”. Niroshi didn’t come back for a long time.
Tamoya was all alone, and sad. Even though she was envious of Niroshi, she still had love for him. She pushed a ball to the left, to the right, and to the left again. Mula never laughs again. Even though Niroshi was gone, Mula still believed he would come back. Although, Tamoya didn’t. She thought that Niroshi was dead, or at least gone forever. Tamoya started walking along the same dirt path when she found the fork in the road. She decided to turn right instead. Again, the dirt path became a gravel path, just like the other one. Tamoya found a place filled with skulls flying across the evil, red sky up above. Just like Niroshi, Tamoya tripped, and fell into a hole. Inside, there were black cats with red eyes with a waffle instead of a normal cats body. They called themsevles “Tac Nayn”. Tamoya didn’t come back for a long, long time.
Mula was devestated when she found out that Tamoya didn’t come home like she usually does. She actually loved Tamoya more than she thought she did! Even though Tamoya wasn’t there and couldn’t hear Mula speaking, Tamoya felt…happy. Happier than she has been in a longe, long time.

Story #5 by: Shine

Love Story

Life is short, and there’s no other way to say it. So live it out, dream your fantasies, fantasize your dreams. Begin your journey to a story of hatred, love, sadness, and more. This story is based on me and my life. I will be replacing the names of the people I know with fake names, including the cities. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

It was a warm day, on Halloween. To be more specific, October 31st. There was a young  girl of the age of 9. Her name, was Mori. She was a new girl in 3rd grade, her teacher was Ms. LockHart. There were 19 kids in her class, all very nice. But she noticed one boy, one peculiar young man who seemed different from the rest of them. His name was Matt.

Mori sat in front of the class, looking embarrassed. She looked around the room while the teacher was talking to the other students a little bit about Mori. Ms. LockHart showed Mori to her desk, and went back to the front of the class.

“Class, this is our new student, Mori! She came all the way from Boston.” Then at the same time, the class said “Hi Mori.” “Hello.” Mori replied nervously.

Mori sat in front of Matt, diagonal from a boy named John and next to a girl named Sally. They all seemed very, very nice.

“Class, shouldn’t we introduce ourselves to Mori?” Ms. LockHart said. The class introduced themselves. “I’m Andrew.” “I’m Orchid.” “I’m John.” “I’m Sally.” “I’m Buffy.” and so on.

At recess Mori sat down, looking very sad. Orchid came by and said “Hi, I’m Orchid. From Ms. LockHarts class? You look pretty sad. Want to hang out with me and Sally?” “Sure!” Mori replied, looking happier than before.

Then they walked into lunch. Mori got into the lunch line, and sat down next to Orchid. To the left of Mori was Buffy, and Sally was to the right of Orchid. Everyone seemed so nice to Mori! Except for John.

After lunch, the students went back to class, and sat in their seats. But John started to talk about Mori’s glasses. “Glasses look nerdy! They’re so weird… You’re the only one in 3rd grade that wears glasses, you know that, Mori? Wait, let me explain this easier. You’re probably dumb, even though you have glasses. Here, I’ll tell you the answers to everything if you want me to.”

Mori started to get VERY sad and mad at the same time. But Matt stopped John from saying anything more, and the students got back to work, ignoring what John had said.



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