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✦ Member Fashion ✦

Welcome to the member fashion and here we will show you all kinds of different outfits you can wear if you’re a member. Now, here’s the first one.


Hair: Elegant Brown Hair~ Limited

Shirt: Snowman tee~Vintage Gold/Event

Shorts: Black and White Shorts~Le Shop

Shoes: Cleopatra Sandals~Rare

Board: Purple and White Board~Vintage Gold

Accessory: Teacher’s Pointer~Vintage Gold



Hair: Blonde Bombshell~Limited

Shirt: Clown Shirt~Event

Skirt: Pink Pleated Skirt~Vintage Gold or Expired

Shoes: Red Sneakers~Vintage Gold or Expired

Board: Animated Tire Board~Vintage Gold

Accessory: Painted Rose~Limited



Hair: Pink Polka dot headband hair~Expired

Shirt: Heart Shirt~Event

Skirt: Pink Pleated Skirt~Expired

Shoes: Cleopatra Shoes~Rare

Board: Red Chalk Board~Limited

Accessory: Milk and Cookies~Limited


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