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✎ Recolours/Edits ✎

Pookie’s Recolours and Edits

This is my third attempt on recolouring, I know it looks pretty plain but whateves. 


This is another one, it’s all blue xD


Here’s another recolour made by me but I haven’t coloured everything.

Shine’s Recolours and Edits

This is one of my recolors. It’s red and black.

And this is my edit of my Fantagian. I also recolored it.

Pollee’s Recolours and Edits




Comments on: "✎ Recolours/Edits ✎" (4)

  1. xxkittensxx said:

    im jelly of yo skillz ♥♥♥ >.<

  2. they r really good i like da blue 1

  3. Great Job Happy on those Recolors and you too Shine! But I think that Happy used the “Tint” Method? Like on these editing websites? But Shine you used Paint I think. Great Job Anyways! Love Your Blog!

    ~ Seham

  4. ≧◠◡◠≦✌britny≧◠◡◠≦✌ said:

    i like the dark one

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