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☑ WordPress Help ☒

Hi Guys , Happy here! A lot of you guys asked me for help on your blogs.So, I decided to put a page that will help you in WordPress since WordPress seems pretty hard for some people. The next time you need help in WordPress come here!

How to add Workers on your blog?

1.Go to Users,and click “Invite New”.


2.Type the worker’s email or WordPress Username.


3.Choose what their role should be.


4.Write a message (Optional).


5.Click “Send Invitation”.


How to add colours/other stuff to your pages/posts?

1.Click the Kitchen Sink


2.You will then see this:


3.The Paragraph button is the format on how you want to write your post/page.


4.The second one is for underlining  and the third one is for aligning your paragraphs.


5.The forth one is for making your text colourful and the fifth one is copying and pasting something from Google or something.Same for the sixth one expect you copy and pate it from a word document.

6. The seventh one is for talking away bold,italic,etc from a text and the eighth one is for adding custom characters.

7.The ninth one is the out dent and the tenth one is the indent.  

8.The eleventh one is to undo something and twelfth one is for redoing something.

9.And the last one, is for help.  

How to make Sub-Pages

1.Go to Appearance and click menus.


2.Choose which page you want to add as a sub page.


3. Check mark the page you want.


4. Then, click add to menu.

5.Choose where to put it.


6. Click save menu.

P.S make sure at the bottom of the menu page you check these boxes.


7. Finally, you will see your sub page on your blog.


P.S Another thing about sub-pages, make sure at the bottom of the menus page you have these boxes checked off ( And Yes I know I put this two times)


How to add Pictures on Pages/Posts

1. Click Add Media


2. If you have your pictures saved in a file on your computer click upload files.


3.Once you got your picture from the files, click insert into page.

4,Now your done.

How to add Youtube Videos on Pages/Posts

1. Get the URL of the Youtube video.


2. Copy and  Paste it on the page/post you want it on. It will look something like this.


3. Then, you have to remove the hyperlink by clicking the unlink button.


4. Now update or publish your post/page.

5.Finally, you will see your video like this.


How to make a Post/Page Password-Protected

1.Look at the visibility and click edit.


2.Click the Password Protected option and choose a password.


3.Finally,click update or publish.


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  1. .:*・°☆Emily.:*・°☆ said:

    oo ty. this is helpful<3

  2. […] If your new to WordPress and you want to make a WordPress but you need help on it, click here. […]

  3. add me to be your worker as a writer, as you know my e mail. i am always on fantage and have up to date news

    • polleeawesome said:

      no thank you, we are just fine on our own. we are NOT hiring more workers.

  4. my id in fantage is angela13814 and im premium member ship

  5. Hi There! I’m Seham321, and Happy what you wrote about the Sub Pages didn’t work for me. Do you think maybe you or Shine could help me? My blog is: If you can’t I understand, but it would really help, since I just created my blog today.

  6. How did you get the sub pages to work with this theme? It doesn’t work on my blog. 😛

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