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❀ How to earn Moderator ❀

Hey Guys! On this Page, I’m going to tell you how you can earn moderator on our xat chat.First, As mod you need to advertise by saying GjjOjjOGLE FANTAGE WORLD GUIDE EPICNESS EPICNESS EPICNESS and bring at least 10 people.Also, as mod you should come on daily and participate in activities.


Just follow these rules and maybe we might pick you to be moderator.

P.S.: This amazing page was written by Happy, but it is me, Pollee here.  I just want to say that if you would like to be a moderator, please comment below saying:

1. Why do you want to be a moderator?

2. Why should we pick you?

3. Why are you different then everyone else?

4. What is your experience?


Comments on: "❀ How to earn Moderator ❀" (25)

  1. SnivyS211 said:

    lol this website jsut keeps getting better and better!! 🙂

  2. SnivyS211 said:

    Hey, I would like to be a moderator here are a few reasons why…… One, I love making sure things are 100% safe and I love and always come on a lot everyday to be exact…I love to make sure new people can experience this blog and i hope people would come on every day too, I’m different from other people because another few reasons(im taking too long lol) I come on everyday, I especially work hard to make sure people aren’t fighting or causing drama any time (unless im offline) and i work hard to make sure people aren’t left out. My experience is i have become moderator an a couple websites before such as fantage rep, fantage comet, and a few more… i just named the ones i usually went/go on I hope i can be moderator and if i dont its okay and I encourage others who are moderator and go for doing it as well! peace snivys211

  3. garfield12394 said:

    Herro stalkerzz, Lol. Jk, Anyways, I want to be a moderator because, I come on here ALL THE TIME, almost 100% of the time, I love it here and i want to learn a little more about World Guide! I also want others To love it too and Enjoy it here!!! I think you should pick me because like i said im on here almost 100% of the time (i would b on more but uhh… my mom needs to use it a lot too) And i’m a Hard-Worker I would even watch World Guide for you when u have to leave! I am different from everyone else because I try my best all the time, and MOST people don’t even do that, I work very hard, I am also different from others because i am an individual person, I am not the same as anyone else and i LOVE it that way! I have experience because i Have my own blog and for the moderators and me being OWNER my self is VERY hard work! And i Never give up, Sometimes i say i will but we all know that’s not true and that’s not going to happen, because I work hard and i dont give up! 🙂

  4. Shine_Bright said:

    1. I’d like to be a moderator because I come on EVERY chat I know of *as long as it’s a good chat, which this chat is!* and I TRY SO HARD to make everyone follow the rules, even though I can’t do much at all. 😦 2. I think you should pick me because 1) I think I’m nice, and maybe others think I am too 2) I love chats and being able to talk without having someone yelling at my face. 3. I’m different from anyone else because I’ve actually seen so many things happen from people swearing, name-calling, being rude, and I’ve seen SO MUCH MORE than that! I’m also different because I want to make EVERY CHAT EVERYWHERE a safe place for people. A lot of people in chats are 6+! A 6 year old DOES NOT need to hear bad words, inappropriate things, etc. 4. My experience? Well, I’ve been a moderator on 2 other chats, and I think I’m pretty good. I’ve kept those chat rooms safe from anyone/anything *bots*.

    • polleeawesome said:

      lol i hate bots, too!!!!! hm, i actually quite like this. tell me your xat name and i will meet up with you later… (grins maniacly) MIAOW and bye!
      love chu,

  5. i just want to help and im diffrent cause i be nice and if someone is being bad i kick 3 times and if they dont i ban them i wnt to cause i have nenver been one i just want to expririence to see how it is

  6. _Shaly_ said:

    1. Why do you want to be a moderator? Because,this blog is really cool and i would like to have a big part in it 🙂

    2. Why should we pick you? You should pick me because i really respect you guys and it would be great to be a moderator on at least one popular blog.

    3. Why are you different then everyone else? I’m different from everyone else because i like to be very creative,fun,and make everyone fill happy,and i’m different because i’m me.

    4. What is your experience? In a scale to 1 – 10 i’m maybe at about 7 or maybe even 8!

  7. I rlly want to be it soooooo ill give anything u wnt on fantage

  8. Hi! Im chloe8super and I just discovered fantage world guide and I think its AWESOME!!!!!!

    I was wondering if I could be a moderator. If not thats totally fine and I understand.
    But I would really like to be a moderator because……

    1.I really want to be a moderator on this blog because it is now my favorite blog and I want to be noticed. You know like instead of being just a member.

    2.I really love this blog and im going to come daily and when I finish typing this im going to advertise.

    3.My personality is crazy and every day I have a goal. Ive been playing fantage for a while and the computer is really like my life.

    4.I’m actually a moderator on fantage applesauce (owner hamstersrule01) and I started playing fantage June 4th 2011 so I know alot about fantage


  9. swagkitten1019 said:

    Hey, I’m alley (aka allison)and am 14 years old. I have loved this blog for many weeks now, sorry I haven’t ever commented! Anyways, I’d LOVE to be a chat staff.

    So, basically, I’m a chat staff on ALOT of chats ;3 like fantagepickles, fantagepuff, senseifriends, favouritestuff, and a few more. I also have my own chat, FantageSwaggerKittens, and I’m working on turning it into a blog.

    I’m unique and quirky in my own ways. 2 BIG things about me are that I’m a dancer, and….well, I’m dyslexic (this is taking forever to write, but IK it’s worth it ;3). I’m a HUGE perfectionist, BTW (:

    So I’ve been an xat user for, hmm, i’d say maybe 5-6 months, or something around that. I’ve been a fantage user for years, maybe since the year it came out.

    my xat username is nerdykitten, and my fantage username is ima_vamp

    BTW, I’ve known Happy for awhile, and she is my buddy on xat ;3 nice blog, happy!!

    TY so much for reading, and I hope i didn’t waste your time TuT

    Love ya guys,

    alley ❤

  10. jedi4590 said:

    1.i like to be mod a lot
    2.because i can recruit very much
    3.i am most active than other all

  11. bubblez1234 said:

    Haii guys my name is bubblez! That is my username and my xat name. As you can see i like bubblez alot! I come on this chat almost everyday. Well when i can.I am also a blog and xat owner but i will not adv so i will not put my website name.Enough about me lets get on with me! Lol enough with the jokes .Well i am very funny I really wanna be in fwg staff.Now i will answer some questions .(My website is <—- XD I have lots of braggingness! Now for real here are my answers!

    1: Well world i would like to be a mod because i like to be in charge! And i would be really proud to be a part of the fwg staff!!

    2:You should pick me because im a great person! I'm super funny! I like Queso,Keso,CHEESE (In diff languages) Im pretty awsome! Im a fantage user! And it has been my fantage website dream to be on yur chat!!!(As a mod) I also hate bots! I have kept a lot of chats safe from them. When i was a mod and when i was not! So pick me for a bot free chat!

    3:I am diff from everyone else because i am crazy fun! I like to say random things shoeS.
    I am cool! and i am Kah-razy! Did i mention im crazy!

    4:My experince is a 9 out of 10. Im really not lieing. When im not a mod i act like one. and i useally become a mod! See hard work really pays off! XD

    Well does are my answered questions. Well if you pick me for mod,I will ensure you a clean,safe,Bot free chat. I will only use my powers for good not for evil. (Such as being a mainic banner) Well god bless fantageworldguide,And god bless AMERICA!!! XD Bye guys!
    Bubble on -Bubblez

  12. I would like to be a moderator because I am fair and like to make sure things are orderly. you should pick me because I’m a great person! I’m super funny! I’m a Fantage user! And it has been my dream to be a mod. I also hate bots! They are very bad!
    I’m different from everyone else because I am weeeeird (in a good funny way) !
    my experience is a 8 out of 10 I act like a mod a lot and never got to be one!

    Well I hope you pick me!!!!

  13. P.S. my fantage user is: laren_starcaster

  14. hi how can I be mod or own in fantage

  15. lexi sciarini said:

    i would like to be a moderator cause i think that it would be kinda fun to be one with you guys and i like to play fair, i get along well with others so you don’t have to worry about me when you guys are gone. I think you should pick me cause i’m not selfish or mean i think everyone should have a shot at this, i think i would be good at this, i have never actually been a moderator on a site like this and i would like some new experience. i’m not actually that different from everyone else well i’m unique like everyone else, but i think i’m different cause i’m crazy and i’m kinda funny but that’s not the point. i have experience with being a moderator on habbo i used to be a moderator on there but i stopped playing on it and started playing fantage. on habbo i was in charge of events oh if you dont know what habbo is it is a virtual world where you can run around with friends.(extra info)- i am 13 years old and i am a friendly person. i hope you choose me *gotta catch em all*

  16. 1. I want to be a moderator because i want xat to be safe. I have seen many people swearing at eachother.
    2.You should pick me because i really love to be on xat. I usually go on everday, but i get a bit busy so i miss out on one or two days.
    3.I’m different then anyone else because i don’t swear, i take things seriously, and i want to meet new friends and people.
    4.My experience is having lots of fun with people on xat and making new people members. ( I am 14 years old. I love and Xat.)

    • Alexandria Sciarini said:

      Can I have first pick at any fantage member accounts you guys get. Thanks

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