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☂ Pet Codes ☂

Hey Guys! Here’s some pet codes for the pets on Fantage.

The Pebbles Family (Starter Egg)


Mumbo :Low Light + Medium Temperature.

Jimbo: High Light + Medium Temperature

Weebo: Medium Light + Warm Temperature

Rombo:  High Light + Cool Temperature

Tombo: Low Light + Cool temperature

The Fairies Family (Orange Star Egg)


Mylo: Low Light + Medium temperature

Halo: High Light + Low Temperature

Lolo: Highest Light + Warm Temperature

Ceelo: Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Shylo: Highest Light + Cool Temperature

The Cosmos Family (Sunshine Egg)


Rocki: Low Light + Warm Temperature

Poofi: Medium Light + Warm Temperature

Beami: Highest Light + Medium Temperature

Charmi: Low Light + Cool Temperature

Sparkli: Medium Light + Medium Temperature

The Dino’s family (Spotted Egg )


Bubu: Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Chloe: Low Light + Cool Temperature

Tootsie: Medium Light + Medium Temperature

Bella: Highest Light + Warm Temperature

Bello: Lowest Light + Warm Temperature

The Firepuffs Family ( Fiery Orange Egg)


Scruffie : High Light + Cool Temperature

Punkie :Highest Light + Medium Temperature

Fluffie : Lowest Light + Medium Temperature

Pixie : High Light + Warm Temperature

Ashie : Low Light + Warm Temperature

The Cuddlies Family (Olive Egg)


Zumi : Lowest Light + Warm Temperature

Feebi : High Light + Medium Temperature

Kiki : High Light + Warm Temperature

Leefi : Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Elli : Lowest Light + Cold Temperature

The Jellies Family (Cloudy Skies Egg)


Jigglie: Highest Light + Medium Temperature

Bloopie :Low Light + Medium Temperature

Razzle : High Light + Warm Temperature

Peachfuzz : Low Light + Warm Temperature

Goober : Low Light + Cold Temp.

The Barnacles Family (Red Ribbon Egg)


Zuzu : Highest Light + Warm Temperature

Jombu : Low Light + Hot Temperature

Miku: Lowest Light + Cool Temperature

Chibu : Highest Light + Cold Temperature

Karu : Highest Light + Hot Temperature

The Feathers Family (Secret Lock Egg)


Minty : Lowest Light + Medium Temperature

Rakoon : Low Light + Warm Temperature

Lovely : Low Light + Cold Temperature

Puffy : Medium Light + Hot Temperature

Snowball : High Light + Cool Temperature

Credits go to Cphan3 😀


Comments on: "☂ Pet Codes ☂" (6)

  1. SnivyS211 said:

    hmm its blank….

  2. SnivyS211 said:

    oh xD ty it helped a lot now i have lots of pets!!!

  3. Catriona said:

    Happy it’s not fair that all members get to have everything

  4. Go complain to Fantage about it. btw happy, this page is really useful to me! all I do now is just put in the code and I don’t even have to wait that long.

  5. xx~Starling~xx said:

    I think it only takes about a day for a pet to hatch. Don’t have to wait very long! 😀

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