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εïзOur Opinion On…εïз

Now that we aren’t posting ONLY about Fantage, we are adding lots of new pages, and this is one of them. Our Opinion On… EVERYTHING! Our opinions will be posted in the sub titles. But we need suggestions! Comment what you want to hear our opinions on!

Thanks guys!



Comments on: "εïзOur Opinion On…εïз" (23)

  1. puyuyfantage said:

    Whats bettter? A shape, or a pattern d’you think?

  2. ッMEOWIッ said:

    Whats better? A blog, or a website?

  3. What’s better? BB hair or CC hair?

  4. holidaykangel5ever said:

    FantageWorldGuide or Fantageville

  5. ρяιη¢єѕѕ_ѕтαяℓιηg said:

    I need your opinion on boys.

  6. buddy123445 said:

    hmm, hamburgers or cheeseburgers? 😀 i like cheeseburgers!

  7. buddy123445 said:

    STRAWBERRIES OR MANGOES? (this is hard for me… i love both of em)

  8. Puppies❀ said:

    Waaaa I ♥ puppies!!!

  9. Puppies❀ said:

    hey go on the link below:

  10. Puppies❀ said:

    i think now i have a poll
    o well xD

  11. Puppies❀ said:

    ok ok Xiang-Xiang❀ is me o oi i am talking with a Xiang-Xiang❀ at the ” XAT CHAT ”
    o well

  12. Mango025 said:

    Cats or Puppies?
    Sweet or Sour?
    Lemons or Orange?
    Apple or Orange?
    Green or Blue?
    Mango or Banana?
    Computer or Books?
    Facebook or Twitter?
    Fall or Summer?
    Winter or Spring?
    Jokes or Riddles?
    Pencil or Pen?
    Laptop or Computer?
    😀 Got more coming lol!

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